Direct flight connections to 18 destinations in summer season Varna Airport, 14.07.2010

 To 18 destinations in 12 countries are performed regular flights to and from Varna airport during the summer season: UK, Austria, Hungary, Russia, Ukraine, Germany, Luxembourg, Norway, Poland, Belgium, Moldova, Switzerland. Flights to Sofia are several times every day. Seven times a week from Varna is performed a connection with the capitals of Austria (Vienna) and the UK (London - Gatwick and Luton airports). Nine times a  week are flights to Hungarian capital Budapest. Regular flights to Russia are performed to Moscow airports Domodedovo and Sheremetievo, Yekaterinburg, St. Petersburg, Novosibirsk and Rostov. Regular flights to Berlin and Chisinau are every Saturday, on Friday are performed flights to Zurich. Every Monday during the season are serviced flights to and from Warsaw and Odessa, every Sunday - to Luxembourg. In two days of the week are flights to Dusseldorf and three times a week - to Brussels. In July and August are operated flights to the Norwegian capital Oslo. New destinations during this summer season are Wroclaw (Poland), Bergamo (Italy), Aarhus (Denmark), Lodz (Poland), Ufa (Russia).