New airport charges at Sofia Airport

As per amendments to the Civil Aviation Act, adopted by the National Assembly in October 2011, two new charges, i.e. security and noise (environment), will be collected separately at Bulgarian airports from next year. Until today, they were included in the other airport charges (landing; aircraft parking; and passenger charge for passengers starting on a journey from the airport). This separation follows the requirements of Directive 2009/12/ЕC of 11 March 2009 on airport charges, which aims at achieving a more transparent and cost-oriented airport charging system and an equal basis for users.

As the largest Bulgarian airport, with an annual passenger flow of almost 3.5 million, in future Sofia Airport will determine its charges alone, following obligatory consultations with the airlines. Any potential disputes between the airport operator and the airport users will be considered and decided by a national supervisory authority, i.e. the Civil Aviation Administration Directorate General to the Ministry of Transport, Information Technology and Communications.


Source:  Sofia Airport