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Chrissair - What we do




WE ENSURE: Smooth and efficient entrance to Bulgarian Market

This is the first stage of our relationship with new airline partners. Being appointed as GSA, we create all necessary infrastructure in order to ensure the success of our joint activities. Through various proven PR, marketing and operational activities we help the airline to overcome all newcomer’s barriers of Bulgarian market quickly and efficiently. At this stage we are doing a detailed marketing research and business plan, prepare sales strategy and perform the respective brand positioning.

At the end, your service is promoted and launched through all our marketing and sales channels.


WE PROVIDE: Cost effective business development

The major aim is to raise sales on our market and to improve overall profitability of the airline. We focus on precise market segmentation and tailored approach towards any particular market niche in order to ensure highest possible profitability. In addition we propose different market-specific business development strategies online and offline. As a result we achieve the required market penetration and generate new business together with those, acquired from competitors. This is achieved mostly through innovative cost-saving distribution solutions and efficient partnerships both with partner carriers and key players of different sales channels.



WE FOCUS ON: Sustainable growth

The focus on sustainable development is the major issue that distinguishes the service, provided by Chriss Air to its airline partners. Every airline partner is served by a dedicated product and sales manager, who is focused entirely in further development of the joint business and ensures the constant activity in the field of service distribution, brand positioning and cost control.